eticket to Giverny Monets garden

Here you can buy an e-ticket
for a visit to
Monet's House and Garden in Giverny 

En Francais : Billet électronique pour la visite de la maison et des jardins de Claude Monet à Giverny jardin de monet

eticket to Giverny Monets garden

Avoid queing by buying an e-ticket for a visit to
Claude Monet's Home and Gardens in Giverny.

The validity of the ticket is season wide:
from April 1st through November 1st, 2014

Tickets are individually assigned.
You will therefore have to typewrite a name for each ticket.

You will need to provide a mobile phone number and an email.

You can pay your e-tickets with Credit Cards or Paypal.
You can subscribe an optional cancellation insurance.

You can print your ticket on your own printer
or you can have them delivered by post (with an extra cost).

If you can read French just go to the bottom of this page
and click in the green bordered square. 

Giverny electronic ticket

Giverny advance pre-sale electronic ticket

To go through the process in English, follow these steps:

First you land on a page as shown on Fig. 1

1) Select the English flag in the top right box.


buying a ticket by advance

Fig 1
You are redirected to the Home Page in English as shown on Fig. 2

2) Typewrite  "Giverny" in the search box on the top left area,
     and select "Giverny Eure (Haute-Normandie)"

ticket pre-booking for giverny

Fig 2
You reach the Fondation Claude Monet ticket page in English as shown on Fig. 3

     by a click on one of the links

monet garden presale ticket

Fig 3
You reach the ticket order page as shown on Fig. 4

4) Select the number of tickets (called number of seats on the page)
     you want for each category:

Adults full price select Plein Tarif Adultes
Reduced fare
Children over 7 and students
select Tarif réduit
Enfants de +7ans et Etudiants
Reduced fare for disabled people select Tarif PMR

note that admission is free for children up to 7yo

Then select OUI (yes) if you want to subscribe the cancellation insurrance
or NON (no) if not. The total cost of this insurrance appears in green. 

and click on the "PURCHASE" button to access the secure payment page.

advance ticket sale

Fig 4
You reach the Stage 2 as shown on Fig. 5

5) Select the way you wish to receive your tickets:     

E-ticket that you print yourself  select Billet électronique
French domestic registered mail select Courrrier recommandé A4 ticket... 
International registered mail select Courrier recommandé international

and fill the identification fields of the "New digitick customer" area

then click on the "CONFIRM" button.

We wish you a nice visit

e-ticket sale

Fig 5
Just click in the green bordered square below to start

From April 1st through
November 1st 2014

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