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Exposition Giverny France 2012
De Delacroix Signac,
dessins de la collection Dyke musee impressionisme giverny

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    From Delacroix to Signac drawings from the Dyke Collection Exhibition in Giverny Impressionisms Museum 2012From Delacroix to Signac:
    drawings from the Dyke Collection

    Exhibit 2012 in Giverny France

    Giverny Museum of Impressionisms

    From July 27 through October 31, 2012

    This exhibition offers about 100 drawings by major French artists such as Delacroix, Degas, Vuillard, Signac, Bonnard, selected by James T. Dyke,  one of the most astute collectors of 19th and 20th century European and American drawings.

    All these artists worked between 1830 and 1930. They used different techniques and styles to sketch all sorts of subjects. The exhibit shows the broad development of modern draftsmanship in France at a key period from Romanticism through the Nabis and neo-Impressionists.

    The works come either from Dyke's private collection, or from the donation he made to the National Gallery.

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