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Presentation of Giverny Museum of Impressionisms

Giverny Impressionist MuseumIn september 2006, The Terra Fondation for the Arts decided to withdraw from the musée d’Art Américain de Giverny it had created fifteen years ago. What would be the future of this place, the most important museum in the Eure district with its 100 000 visitors, a museum equipped with modern and perfectly operating facilities? The local authorities took the project in hand.    

In partnership with le musée d’Orsay, fondation Claude Monet and  musée Marmottan, the museum starts out again as Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny.
As its name has it the Museum of Impressionisms Giverny focuses on all the different forms of Impressionism, one of the most popular painting movement. Its origins, its geographical diversity, its history and development in other streams, are the themes the museum deals with.
Because Giverny is not only an essentiel stop on an impressionist route in the Seine Valley, it is also a crucial landmark in the turn from Impressionism to the art of the 20th century. 

The architecture of Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny

Philippe Robert and the Reichen and Robert agency conceived the architecture of the museum opened in 1992.
The architects developed a discreet building in order not to damage the area, and to advantage the content. They sought to create a unique atmosphere for the appreciation of art. This has been accomplished by juxtaposing subtle colors and materials, contrasting shadow and light and by creating an open accessibility between the interior and the exterior of the building; the result is an homage to this special natural setting so beloved by the Impressionists. 
The museum topped by roofs landscaped in heather is inscribed into the natural slope of the land, allowing the minimum of opaque walls. From inside the view is focused toward the North and the hills of Giverny.
The interior of the museum is organised around a large and well-lit hall. To the left are the three exhibition galleries, whose levels are graduated to follow the slope of the land. To the right is the restaurant on the ground floor with its large terrace.
On the lower level, a 200-seat auditorium ideal for conferences or concerts is reached by a foyer situated directly under the main hall, allowing access even when the galleries are closed.
The naturally intersecting areas and the ease of movement between them combine to make one forget the architecture and more fully concentrate on the art. 

The gardens of Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny

Impressionism Museum Giverny GardenThe Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny is surrounded by entrance free gardens.

The gardens are divided into small spaces enclosed by hedges which constitute as many little "worlds". Each of the greenery rooms has its own harmony of colours and shapes. Sometimes an exuberance of perennial flowers, sometimes neatness of trimmed clumps.

Taken together they create an intimate, somehow secret, garden landscape where it is pleasant to stroll. 

The central alley with its wisteria-covered arches leading to the museum entrance refers to Claude Monet's garden.

However the gardens of Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny have their own unique personality.

Behind the museum a large meadow full of poppies, cornflowers and daisies opens on the hill. It is the ideal place to come and paint in the impressionist manner.

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