What to do and to see with children near Giverny

  • Little old train  in the Eure Valley
  • Market of Vernon
  • The gargoyles of Notre-Dame de Vernon
  • Vernon-Beach
  • Rent a bike
  • Fireworks of national day July 14th

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Little old train  in the Eure Valley

Only 15 km from Giverny, a touristic train leads you slowly in the beautiful scenery of the Eure valley. The charming train station of Pacy sur Eure, its little train museum and the red train will make you travel at the rhythm of past times.

Rates : 7 euros, reduced 4.50 euros.

tel : +33 (0) 2 32 36 04 63

Market of Vernon

In Vernon, the market takes place on Wednesday morning and Saturday morning. The largest one is on Saturday, it covers three squares in the centre of the town. Babies and young children like to see the living rabbits, ducks and poultry, the fishes and the vegetables and fruit sellers, or the baskets full of eggs from the farm. As you are in Normandy, there are also specialists of apples.

The gargoyles of Notre-Dame de Vernon

Walt Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame made gargoyles look familiar to children all over the world. They can be seen on numerous gothic churches in France, and especially in Normandy. Notre-Dame de Vernon displays a lot of them. If it is raining enough, it is fun to see them spitting the roof's water far on the pavement.  

When you've walked around the church and seen them all hanging high, cross the square and turn around the town hall. A gargoyle from a demolished church stands in the garden behind. You can show your children this strange dog wearing clothes from the Middle-Age, and the drain along his back.


The weather is warm ? Bring your family to Vernon-Plage (Vernon Beach). This closed space on the Seine river bank near the town centre has been turned into a sandy beach. You will find deckchairs, a paddling pool, a water spray, and an alcohol free bar. The access is free.

Fireworks on July 14th

Like everywhere in France, fireworks and popular open-air dance take place on July 13 at night to celebrate National day on July 14th.

In Vernon the fireworks is usually given over the Seine river near the Tourelles Castle and the Old Mill. You can wait for the night to fall sitting on the grass in front of the mill, or on the opposite bank. Afterwards, let's dance in the park of the Tourelles.

In Pressagny-l'Orgueilleux, fireworks take place in the chateau de la Madeleine. A ball follows in the park of the castle. It is very safe for children, they can run in the dark, there aren't any cars.

In Les Andelys, fireworks on the medieval castle Chateau-Gaillard. Waiting for the night to fall with the castle and the Seine valley at your feet is a magical moment. Our favorite place !

For those who really love fireworks : the next evening (July 14) there is another one in Notre-Dame de l'Isle, on the banks of the River Seine. Small fee.

No fireworks in Giverny

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