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Vernon North Okanagan, Canada
Vernon Alabama, USA
Vernon New Jersey, USA

Vernon sur Seine (Normandy - France)

Vernon North Okanagan, Canada

Vernon is the Okanagan's oldest city, settled in 1867. Vernon is the head city of the North Okanagan region.

The total population of the region is currently estimated at 72,000. No longer an area just for retirees seeking a moderate climate, large numbers of urban professional families have discovered the lifestyle benefits of our friendly smaller communities.

Agriculture continues to play a significant role in our economy. Virtually every type of farming can be found in the North Okanagan. Agri-tourism is evolving as an industry in its own right, as tourists are welcomed to experience the farms, orchards and vineyards firsthand.

Tourism continues to grow as a major contributor to our economy. The opening of Rogers Pass and, more recently, the construction of the Coquihalla Highway fully opened the Okanagan Valley to tourists. Visitors are attracted by the moderate climate, spectacular scenery and unlimited recreational opportunities. World class facilities such as Silver Star Mountain Resort & Predator Ridge Golf Resort draw high profile events, giving our area national and international exposure.

Elevation : City of Vernon, 416m
Sunshine : 1903 hours per annum
Rain : 248.1mm per annum
Snow : 102.2cm per annum
Temp : June-Sept.: 23.9 degrees C.
Oct.-May: 1.9 degrees C.
Frost Free Days : 152

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Vernon, Alabama, USA

With an average temperature of 62 degrees, and an average July temperature of 80, Vernon is an ideal place for gardeners, sightseers, and retirees. The City is 300 feet above sea level and the first killing frost is around October 25, the last killing frost around March 27, and the growing seasons includes 212 days.

The 1990 census accounted for 2,247 persons living in Vernon. In Vernon, a city of tradition, church attendance is a priority for many people. Twelve churches in Vernon, and numerous others in the surrounding countryside, serve the spiritual needs of the community and sponsor youth and adult activities, musical programs, and church league sports.

This is the Bank Of Vernon building.
The Bank Of Vernon is a family owned community bank operating independently since 1911.
Vernon actively seeks tourists. The city is only 30 miles from the Tenn Tom Waterway and some of the Waterway's attractions are only a few miles away in Missippi and Pickens County, Alabama. Visitors are welcomed at the local motel or at one of two new "bed and breakfast inns", both opened in 1996. The City also seeks retirees. Vernon's quiet, family oriented way of life and low cost of living is perfect for retired persons. The even climate and long growing season are also attractive.

On November 10, 1868, Vernon received its name, for Edmond Vernon of Vernon, England.

Lamar County has several historical sites that are of interest both to local residents and visitors. Some of these historical sites are the Hale and Murdock Blast Furnace, Andrew Jackson's Old Military Road, and bank robber Rube Burrow's Grave.

Vernon Township, New Jersey, USA

Located in the rolling hills of Sussex County, there lives more than 21,000 people who call Vernon Township their home. Many more people pass through Vernon each year, be it for a day long getaway or to follow the path of the Appalachian Trail.

The independent township of Vernon was established on November 19, 1792. The 68 square miles which marked the town's borders over 200 years ago have not changed since. However, the population of Vernon, which as a mere 1548 people as recently as 1950, has steadily grown since the 1960's, when the ski industry was introduced to the area. Today, the town's growth is best reflected by its school system - its 4800 students make it the largest school system in Sussex County.

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