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Explore the historical district of Vernon on the banks of the river Seine with its gothic church, fine arts museum, 12th century castles and the famous old mill. Dream of past times in the exquisite chateau de Bizy.Vernon has 26000 inhabitants and lots of lovely shops, little cafés and restaurants.

The old mill of Vernon, a half timbered house hanging over the river Seine
Vernon old mill - Photo Ariane Cauderlier

Historical district of Vernon, collegiate church Notre-Dame and old houses
Photo Ariane Cauderlier


Place Barette - Vernon

The building of the church Notre-Dame of Vernon started in the 11th century but was completed in the 17th century only. The style is mostly gothic. The elegant narrow nave is lit by a beautiful set of contemporary stained-glass windows and a few ancient ones.

The church was dedicated in 1072 "to the Holy Mother of God", this is why it is named Notre-Dame (Our Lady).

In 1658 the pavement was raised about two feet to keep it out of reach of the swelling of the river Seine. Two engravings on the outer wall of the church commemorate these floods.

The west façade of the church boasts a unique rose window in 'flaming' gothic style. Attending the mass on a Sunday at 11.00 am will enable you to listen to the excellent pipe organ of 1610.

Saint Adjutor is the patron of Vernon.


This beautiful half-timbered mansion now houses the Tourist Information Office. It is one of the oldest houses in Vernon (15th century). Its first owners built it on the main street next to the church, a very good location that led it to become an inn. Don't miss the delicate carved corner post on the theme of the Annunciation.

Vernon still counts 233 wooden houses scattered along old narrow streets in the vicinity of the church and the museum.

Office de tourisme Vernon - Tourist Information
Photo Ariane Cauderlier
Vernon city hall
Photo Ariane Cauderlier


It was built at the end of the 19th century in the impressive neo-classical style of the time on a newly created square. The city hall faces the collegiate church. The mayor who erected it took care to raise the bell tower higher than the church, because of the rivalry between religious and civil power at that time.

On the back, a fine stained-glass window features the king Saint-Louis receiving three bunches of watercress upon his arrival in Vernon. The town's coat of arm has its origin in this story. 

Saint Louis stained glass window in Vernon

Photo Ariane Cauderlier


12 rue du Pont 27200 Vernon

The gallery of  impressionist paintings displays two masterpieces by Claude Monet and works by American artists of the colony of Giverny. The museum also specializes in animal art, and more.

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museum of Vernon
Photo Ariane Cauderlier
Vernon Archives Tower
Photo Ariane Cauderlier


The tower is a remain of the ancient castle of Vernon. It dates back to Philippe Augustus (12th century). In the 19th century, it was used to keep the city archives. Exceptionnally open on Heritage Days the third week-end of September, it offers breathtaking views from the top, accessible by a 100-step staircase.


A landmark of Vernon, the old mill still lies straddling two piers of the ancient bridge over the Seine. It can be easily seen from the Clemenceau bridge or from the park of the Tourelles Castle. There used to be a pending wheel powered by the river Seine. The wheel has gone, leaving a very odd looking house.Outside visit only.

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Old Mill Vernon
Photo Ariane Cauderlier
Turrets Castle - Vernon
Photo Ariane Cauderlier


 The Tourelles (turrets) castle was built in 1196 by Philippe Augustus. It was a bridgehead meant to defend the town of Vernon located on the border of the crown lands and the Duchy of Normandy.This stronghold consists of four towers and a keep. Outside visit only.


This little gem is surrounded by a large park and was nicknamed a "little Versailles" because of its fountains. The chateau de Bizy stands on the hill one mile away from downtown Vernon. It is privately owned and furnished. The guided tour includes Grand Salon, office and dining room. 

See castle and chateau page

Chateau de Bizy - Vernon, France
Photo Ariane Cauderlier
cafe in an old street of Vernon
Photo Ariane Cauderlier


In spite of the bombardment of 1940-44 that damaged the town center, Vernon has kept streets that seem to come straight out of the Middle Ages. Half timbered houses with ancient doors and carved timbers, shop signs in wrought iron, cobbled paths are of exceptional character and are a frequent sight throughout this charming town. 

The following streets deserve your attention : rue Bourbon-Penthievre, rue Malauliere, rue Saint-Sauveur, rue du Chapitre, rue Carnot (see the house of the artist A.G. Poulain, richly carved by himself), rue du Pont, rue de la Boucherie, rue Potard (see picture), rue du Grevarin... A map is available at the Tourist Information Office.


On both sides of the Seine, enjoy a stroll along the water in a preserved natural setting. It's a nice place where to have a picnic.

Seine side, Vernon
Hiking on the trail between Vernon and Giverny
Photo Ariane Cauderlier


Three pathes starting from Tourelles Castle make a loop for a walk of two, two and a half or three hours. Called "circuit des trois collines" (loop of the three hills) and marked out in yellow, black or blue. One may take on the complete route or shorten the tour by following one of the numerous shortcuts that lead back to Vernon directly.
There is a pink path of about 20 kms and the Catenay loop (23 km) passes through the wooden hills and the plateau or the banks of the Seine. Last but not least a red path of 30 km cascades along the heights of the left bank. 

Moreover a GR (chemin de Grande Randonnee, path for longer hikes) follows the right bank of the Seine. An old railroad turned into a pedestrian and cycling path enables to walk or ride from Vernon to Giverny off the traffic. (about 5 km). Maps are available at the Tourist Information Office.


 Vernon is edged by a beautiful wood of oaks and chesnut trees open to the public. Wide alleys, health course, picnic areas are dotted throughout this recreation area.

Path in the wood, Forest of Bizy, Vernon

Giverny garden Monet's water lily pond
Giverny - Photo Ariane Cauderlier


Giverny, with Claude Monet's house and garden and the Museum of Impressionnisms .


Archeological sites

Giverny guided day trip tour in bus or minibus
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