Cider making
at "Le Verger de Giverny"

1 rue Ste Genevieve
La Chapelle Saint Ouen
27620 Bois-Jerome

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The Verger de Giverny (Giverny Orchard) specializes in apples trees for cider. Our 4000 apple trees need steady care, from blooming in May to harvest in November.

The apples oversplit amongst ten varieties. They are hand-harvested when fallen down.
They are classified into three categories : sweet, slightly acid and bitter.

As soon as they are harvested the apples are grinded. The pulp is enclosed into a canvas and covered by a wooden wicker tray. Several trays are piled up on the press and a strong pressure is exerted on them to extract juice.

The apple juice is put into a vat, and then clarified. It begins to ferment, a process that will last till April or May.

At Spring it is time to put the cider into bottles.

The apple juice contains 140g of sugar per liter. The longer fermentation lasts, the more sugar is transformed into alcohol.
Two monthes will be necessary to get the natural sparkling.
Sweet cider is bottled first, then half-dry and last dry.

A part of the cider produced by Le Verger de Giverny is distilled on the farm. This alcohol was called "la Goutte de Giverny" (Giverny Drop). It is made after the same principle than the cider-alcohol Calvados which is produced in the Calvados departement in Normandy.

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