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Discontinued in 2005

Visiting the Musee d'Art Americain Giverny has made you want to paint ?

Summer workshops

In July and August, from Tuesday to Friday each afternoon from 2 pm to 5 pm the museum offers painting sessions to its visitors (adults and children).
Reservation is mandatory by tel +33  (0) 2 32 51 94 05 or by email .
Rate : 10 euros for one workshop, 35 euros for a week workshop (from tuesday to friday)

You don't need to bring anything ! All the material is provided : easel, paper, brushes, paint...

Painting sessions take place in the garden when weather enables it, or in a room inside the museum.

During the school year groups of children may conclude their visit of the museum with a painting session in the open air, led by a member of the educational staff of the museum.
Booking is mandatory. (Dial +33  (0) 2 32 51 94 05 or email )

Lectures on art history

The first and third thursday of each month of april, may, june, september and october from 18:30 to 20:30. Price 70 euros. Information and booking by tel +33 (0) 232 51 94 05 or by email

  • Un nouvel art pour un Nouveau Monde. Regards sur l'art américain au XXème siècle.


Public talks between actors of french and american cultural lifes.


Curators and public in front of art works. Once a month.


June 19 and 20, 2004 : "Jazz au jardin". Free entrance.


July 16, 2004 : "The cameraman" Buster Keaton movie with a dozen of musicians playing. Free entrance.

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