Moulin de Connelles Restaurant

Departementale Road 19
27430 CONNELLES - France

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En Francais : Restaurant du Moulin de Connelles Restaurant

Terrasse at Moulin de Connelles Restaurant
Mill of Connelles Restaurant

A famous restaurant in an elegant 19th century half-timbered manor house. You will have lunch or dinner in a romantic terrasse or dining-room overlooking the stream of the river Seine.

Located in Connelles, one hour from Paris, 10 mn from Les Andelys and the famous Chateau Gaillard, and 30 mn from Monet's gardens in Giverny following a touristic road.

The Restaurant is open everyday.

Moulin de Connelles is also a lovely place to stay overnight .

The chef Christophe Charcosset proposes you in 2013:

  • Le menu tradition at 35 euros
  • Le menu - carte des saveurs at 45 euros


Warm Gizzard Salad with Sherry Vinegar, Spring Onions and Croutons
Or Caramelized Red Cabbage Creamy Soup, Green Apple Tartar


Roast Chicken Supreme in a Cider Jus, Potatoe Purée with Fresh Herbs
Or Confited Pork Cheeks, Butter Glazed Seasonal Vegetables


Chocolate Brownie, Homemade Vanilla Icrecream and Chocolate Sauce
Or Salted Caramel Mousse with Crispy Praline

Moulin de Connelles Restaurant Table
Table served at Le Moulin de Connelles Restaurant


Homemade Duck Foie Gras, Pear Chutney and Balsamic Caramel
Or Creamy Pumpkin flavoured Risotto, Chesnuts and Parmesan Shavings, Smoked Duck
Or Game and Foie Gras Pastry served with Armagnac Strong Jus
Ou Crispy Prawns Aumonière, Celery Remoulade and Orange Caramel
Roasted and Moist Salmon, Stewed leeks with Bacon and Cream sauce
Or Panfried Cod, Seasonal vegetables in Aïoli and Fish Soup demi-glace
Or Saddle of Lamb in a Hazelnut Crust, Jerusalem Artichokes and roasted Parnsnips
Or Roast Duck Magret, Bulgur Tabbouleh, Coliflower and fresh Coriander, Thai Sauce
Confited Quince Marmelade, Soft Chesnut Cream, Homemade Truffle Icecream
Or Dark Chocolate Praliné Cake, Sour Cheries with grand Marnier, Vanilla Icecream
Or Shortbread and Passion fruit Cream Millefeuille, Fresh Mango Tartar
Or Iced Calvados Soufflé, Apple Jelly and Pommeau Liqueur Syrup

The menus given above are exemples.
Their compositions may change depending on fresh products availabilities.

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Moulin de connelles terrasse
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