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How can one be owner of a manor today ? If the life of lord of an Historic Monument inspires you, go and visit the chateau de la Madeleine in Pressagny-l'Orgueilleux, which is currently being restored. You will discover a place full of extraordinary stories, and a beautiful manor whose salvage is a human adventure.

How family Clermont discovered the chateau de la Madeleine sounds like a fairy tale. The estate had been deserted for a quarter of a century, and the park had become so overrun with weeds that the castle couldn't be seen anymore from the road. The parents, and later their sons have made it their mission in life to waken the sleeping beauty. That's to say, salvage the Madeleine.

For the property is very endearing. The present manor was built in the 18th century; it has several linked majestic salons. It stands in the middle of a wood and overlooks the Seine valley. The manor is full of unusual architectural features, among whom a beautiful baroque façade on the river side.

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le pigeonnier But the most fabulous is what you can't see. Because you are in a place of pilgrimage. Miracles are supposed to have been accomplished in the Madeleine. At the time of the Crusades, Saint-Adjutor is said to have been miraculously brought back from his captivity in Holy Land lifted by two angels, after he prayed Saint Madeleine. He would have landed in this very place. Some remains of the monastery he built can still be seen, as well as the chapel that is devoted to him.

Much more recently, in the 19th century, the writer Casimir de la Vigne owned the manor, and then it belonged to baron Thénard, the inventor of hydrogen peroxide. In 1924, the architect of the Maginot line bought it and added a wing. At the Liberation deadly fights took place in the park.

But nowadays the Madeleine enjoys a peaceful existence. The restoration works have been going on for the last twenty years. Roofs, façades, grand staircase... were given back their former splendor. It is the salons' turn.

It is now possible to stay as guest in Le Chateau de la Madeleine in one of the recently opened guest-rooms

Guests can come and dream in this incredible setting, and linger in the park to discover its 120 rare species.

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