Nathalie Kaczkowski


From Polish and Flemish origin, Nathalie KACZKOWSKI discovered painting in her childhood. Her roots add to her innate sensitivity, while studying the techniques of Flemish and Dutch masters like Vermeer and Rembrandt helped to define her skill.

Fine Arts and Decorative Arts

When 18, she entered the school for Fine Arts in Le Havre and then went on to the National School for Decorative Arts in Paris, where she graduated second of her class.

After completion of her studies, Nathalie Kaczkowski was commissionned to create a variety of works, one of the most challenging being a Airbus A320 cockpit for the Aerospatiale.


Nathalie Kaczkowski took part in several exhibitions in Paris and in Normandy : Rouen, Deauville, Vernon, Evreux, Verneuil-sur-Avre. She painted seven watercolors on the theme of motherhood for the new maternity hospital in Vernon. One of her works is featured on the cover page of the welcome booklet of this service.

"The impressionist movement influenced me deeply. I like Renoir for his faces, Matisse for the colors and Cezanne for his still-lifes.
I appreciate watercolors because it is a more flexible and a more spontaneous medium than oil, even if there is little room for error.

I am widely inspired by nature, family and architecture. I try to generate sensations which are going to produce emotions for the person looking at my paintings."

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