Claude Monet's garden in Autumn

By Anne Chrysoteme

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Giverny pond in fall
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Claude Monet garden Giverny
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If you appreciate warm and deep colours, come and discover Giverny in the heart of Autumn. The gardens burn their last flames of colour with a juvenile and exuberant ardor, before falling asleep for the winter.
In the morning or in the evening, the late season light caresses delicately the geraniums and glorifies the roses, fragile like bone china in the front of Claude Monet's house.

The flame of the nasturtiums glow behind the large translucid leaves, shameless conquistadors of the main path. At the crossroads of the Clos Normand the lavenda-blue of the climatis imposes with its proud appearance, whilst the last cosmos squabble on the borders of the side paths. The vigourous dahlias compete with arrogance in an unruly clamber in order to show-off their tints of pink and purple or spread their shades of oranges and luminous yellows.

Giverny flower garden
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waterlilies at Giverny France
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Finally, making way on the banks of the Water Garden, you can contemplate the somptuous marriage of the water and the air. The islands of leaves of the water-lilies let the trees bordering the pond voluptuously reflect in the meridian light, the black lines of the trunks and branches emphasising the opulence of the reds and gold.

Every now and then, through breaths of air, some leaves drop and like golden crowns silently dance in space before finding their place in the brocades of tapestry arraying the surface of the water.

How can one resist to so much magic ?

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Giverny monet water garden
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